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[09 Jan 2007|12:04am]

so sorry if this isnt welcomed..thought you might like it

join my Community!!!
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[14 Oct 2006|07:10pm]

I need a favor.

I`m making a Layne collage & need all the pictures I can.

I`d appriciate website links to good galleries, individual picures, or anything else beautiful.

Large pictures are preferred, but I`m happy with all kinds.

Help is very appriciated! (:

x posted
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[05 Sep 2006|08:53am]

iSOUND Alice in Chains Contest
2 winners will get a copy of the essential Alice In Chains CD along with signed CD booklets:
Enter Here http://www.isound.com/contests/
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Just So You Know.... [10 May 2006|01:07pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I'm on the mailing list and I got this (Dirt Issue 6) last night:

Hello Alice In Chains fans,

A MASSIVE announcement will be made on AliceInChains.com on May 15 at around 4pm PST. It's so big that we can't even hint at what it's about but we can tell you that you'll be kicking yourself later if you don't stop by the site at around 4pm PST on Monday.

And there you have it! Hmmmm, I wonder what...

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Wear Black Tomorrow [04 Apr 2006|08:10pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

As many of you know (I hope all of you do), tomorrow is the fourth anniversary of Layne's unfortunate and all-too-soon passing. Myself and a few friends of mine have decided to deck ourselves entirely in black tomorrow, in order to show our remembrance, respect, and love for Layne and his music.

I think it would be really cool if we could all, as a community, share this experience. Please wear black and play your AIC CDs as loud as you can on the way to work. :)

Also - a link to an EXCELLENT tribute movie to Layne:

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[02 Mar 2006|08:48pm]

[ mood | okay ]

this was on my local radio station's website (www.93x.com) and the on-air dj (remy maxwell) just mentioned it on the radio, also:

Image hosting by Photobucket


THE CULT were joined by special guest Jerry Cantrell (ALICE IN CHAINS) during their brief secret show at the Cinespace bar in Hollywood, California Monday night (Feb. 27). The band, who kicked off their "Return To Wild" U.S. tour Wednesday (March 1) in San Francisco, played a five-song set consisting of the following tracks:

01. Lil Devil
02. Peace
03. Wild Flower
04. Love Removal Machine (special guest: Jerry Cantrell)
05. Rain

The band were reportedly "fanastic" and blew two amps during their performance. Proceeds from the show ($20 admission) went to the ACME legal defense fund (more information). Billy Gibbons (ZZ TOP) was reportedly in the audience. check out a pic of jerry from the show (courtesty of ladyalchemy.com)

Image hosting by Photobucket

THE CULT's current touring lineup includes veteran hard rock/metal drummer John Tempesta (EXODUS, TESTAMENT, HELMET, WHITE ZOMBIE, ROB ZOMBIE) and bassist Chris Wyse (who performed on THE CULT's "Beyond Good and Evil" album, and has worked with Ozzy Osbourne and Jerry Cantrell since). "A Return To Wild" will cover 19 cities, winding up at Nokia Live in New York City.

Source: Blabbermouth

x-posted to jerry_cantrell

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i love alice [29 Dec 2005|03:18am]

[ mood | ...i want jellybeans... ]

my life story:
i somehow got to this website.i love alice.i see you all do too.so i made an account so i could talk to you all.horray!how fun.don't believe me?oh well...i suppose you could see something about it on my page...i am so tired...why do i do this kind of s***?...i miss nevi...holy s*** that shouldn't be able to wink...i love nona...and sean...and mike(both of them)...and jerry...and mostly staley...and i am so waisting time and space and have probably pissed some people off already.fine i will say my goodbyes...uhh...bye.

ps i love aic and acid bath...
oh yeah and some weird crap is going on with their pic business so i don't have any.sry.i'll try again later.or now...

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selfmade icons [04 Dec 2005|01:02pm]

take what you want to take

i'm sorry, but something's wrong with them in internet... i'll repair them in some days

but, so what asre you thinking 'bout them?
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Long Dong Gay [26 Nov 2005|12:54am]

I commemorate this mad season cover to my male classmates who touch each other's asses on physicla training lessons....

Long Dong Gay

So much gays – I’m starting to run
To run away from here
Time to time the queer sits down
To help me lose my pants
Sticks and balls for loving
You and Vaseline. God knows I’m gone
Boy I just want you to
Get on knees
Elton is storm and I’m heading to fall
These butts are mine and I’ll do things wrong, oh babe
Get on knees
Long Dong Gay
Mmmm, who ever said
We were fucked in wrong way
See your ass from time to time
Isn’t it so strange
How far away we all are now
Am I the only one who remembers your member
Oh, I remember
Everyday each time the hole was saved
The screams that we made
Condom has carried all of that away
Long Dong Gay
Mmmm, who ever said
We were fucked in wrong way
Too much queers – I’m starting to run
The main of them wants to knock me down
Golden dicks affix the crown
The luckless ones are broken
Sticks and balls for answers
You and Vaseline. God knows I’m gone
And I just want you to
Get on knees, hmmmm
Elton is storm and I’m heading to fall
These butts are mine and I’ll do things wrong
I want you to, oh, I just want you to
Get on knees
I fear again, like then, I’ve lost my pants
And shout to Elton to bring me stainless shirts
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aic, cantrell, mad season tabs [14 Oct 2005|11:09pm]

here are my gtp-tabs collection of aic, jerry cantrell, mad season...
may be, it'll be useful for someone
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[10 Oct 2005|11:20pm]

Can anyone tell me what year the song "Right Turn" featuring Chris Cornell was made?

X posted.
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Belated 38th Layne... [24 Aug 2005|03:31pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

RIP Layne....Collapse )

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[21 Jul 2005|03:01pm]

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[06 Jul 2005|01:23am]

[ mood | cold ]

Yay for these AIC shirts!


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[02 Jul 2005|01:37pm]

i've made a valentine card, connected with Down In A Hole lyrics
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[02 Jul 2005|01:15pm]

[ mood | hooo ]

hi 2 all
i joined this comunity just because aic - is my favorite from all seatle bands. and i love solo works of the musicians...
little bit 'bout me:
i'm living in Belarus - state in center of europe, where famous dictator Lukashenko rulz)))
sincerely yours)))

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[01 Jun 2005|04:32pm]

i just joined because i am obsessed with AiC.
i miss layne all the time and wish that he was still alive
so that AiC could re-exist.
i also love jerry's solo work.
i named my daughter after the band (alysen).
nice to meet you all.
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[05 May 2005|01:43pm]

[ mood | restless ]

There`s only 35 f*cking members here. That`s sad. Anyway; just wanted to say hey to the fellow fans. I`m missing Layne alot lately. I heard acoustic "Would" on the radio the other day while driving to work; and it made me think of him alot. That`s all. -Danielle

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[28 Mar 2005|09:07pm]

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[28 Feb 2005|05:53pm]

[ mood | blank ]

"I was at the 96.5 K Rock Tsunami Relief Concert last night and I was completely awed when Maynard walked out to sing a few songs ... and I have to add did a wonderful job at it. The irony is that outside before the show some guy from K Rock was interviewing people outside (we were one of the first 10 people in line for the show) and he asked me if I could have anyone sing for Layne who would my dream "replacement" be and I of course answered "Maynard from Tool". We both laughed like yeah right in a cold day in hell. So I was very surprised when my dream came true. I just wanted to let someone know that it kicked ass and I really enjoyed the whole show. I really miss Layne and Alice in Chains will very obviously never be the same now that he's gone but last night was really awesome and Maynard did him right." (taken from www.toolband.com)

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